Baby Bella’s First 18 Months Preview

ACM recently undertook a massive project that was set up to be a gift from our clients to their parents. We were given 18 months worth of home video footage that these proud new parents shot of their first child. We took this plethora of home movies and we poured through them to find baby Bella’s cutest moments and milestones over her first 18 months, which we edited together into an hour long video present for Bella’s grandparents.

This was a quite an important task, and we were so pleased to be chosen as the ones to make this clever, memorable gift idea into a reality. While it was not without its moments of difficulty, trying to discern which captured memories and what parts of them would make the proverbial cut and end up in the final video gift. But we feel we rose to the occasion with our usual determination and style. While we were not responsible in this case for shooting the footage, we had the much harder job of prioritizing and condensing the first year and a half of baby Bella’s journey.

Below is a preview that we made to showcase this project, and promote this wonderful, one-of-a-kind gift that we were asked to be a part of. Take a look and prepare yourselves for a bit of cute overload! And keep us in mind for your next gift giving occasion. ACM can do the same for you with your home videos.

Baby Bella Preview from Arbent Creative Media (ACM) on Vimeo.

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