Free Download: Whatsabudget Films’ Seasons Change

We are very excited to announce that Whatsabudget Films, the indie film arm of ACM, completed its fourth (well, technically, fifth, but released as our fourth) short film at end of last month. As we have done in the past, we released this new short online via YouTube and various other social media outlets last week. Also, as we have done before, we are putting this one, Seasons Change, up here on the site for free download!

seasons change preview

Seasons Change is a very personal short from our team, as it looks at depression and the feeling of isolation that can come with it. We did some things stylistically with this short that we hope really feed the feeling and emotional impact of the piece. Another thing that we love so much about this new short, is how much of our lovely little mountain town of Manitou Springs, CO we got to feature through all of our exterior shoots.

Both cinematically and thematically, we are so proud of this poignant short, and we hope that it will speak to our viewers on numerous levels. Even beyond those we intended. So without further ado, we present to you the free digital download of Seasons Change! But look below for ways to support our mission.

**Edit** If you haven’t seen the short yet, you can watch it below where the film is now being distributed online through IndieReign! If you want to donate to the cause, you can opt to buy or rent the short film through IndieReign. Thanks for supporting independent media.

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