New Project: Claire & Koji On the Way to the Altar Promo

When you are a new videographer, it can be difficult getting a couple to trust you with covering one of their biggest days. A lot of times, without some examples of wedding videos that you have produced in your portfolio, couples are not always eager to take a chance on you for their video coverage. Luckily for us here at ACM, one amazing couple has given us the opportunity to show them what we can do!

Claire and Koji are an extremely fun and playful pair who are tying the knot in August of this year. As the run up to the wedding takes place, we are filming with the couple to create a comedic and warm video that highlights and their days together and tells the story of their love. Below is a small sample of what we are putting together.

Claire & Koji: On the Way to the Altar Promo from Arbent Creative Media (ACM) on Vimeo.

If there are any couples who are on their way to the altar and are looking for some creative and engaging ways to cover the service and tell your story, then consider hiring us to do the job for you!

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ACM was created by Rob and Angie Bowen to be the creative media arm of Arbent. We specialize in event videography and providing creative solutions for all of your videography needs.

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