New Project: Promoting Uchenna

We were recently hired by Uchenna Ethiopian Restaurant to produce a promotional video that could be used online to advertise the business. After meeting with Maya, the owner and overall positive ray of light shining in the heart of Old Colorado City, we charged forward with this task brimming with enthusiasm and eagerness. After three days of shooting in the restaurant, and collecting several on camera testimonials from regular patrons and first timers alike, we were beyond ready.

We took to the editing room, and actually produced three different ads for the restaurant. Owing both to our desire to really highlight the various reasons people keep coming back to this little gem, and our love for Maya and her amazing menu. Below are the fruits or our labor. We hope that you will not only enjoy them, but will share them around too.

The Goods

Uchenna Promo Spot (full) from Arbent Creative Media (ACM) on Vimeo.

Uchenna Promo (medium) from Arbent Creative Media (ACM) on Vimeo.

Uchenna Promo Spot (short) from Arbent Creative Media (ACM) on Vimeo.

Areas of Focus

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About Arbent Creative Media

ACM was created by Rob and Angie Bowen to be the creative media arm of Arbent. We specialize in event videography and providing creative solutions for all of your videography needs.

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