New Project: Sunrise Over Manitou Springs

Last year, @ILoveManitou and I talked about some ways that we could easily feature our little town with a series of short time lapse videos that highlighted the beauty of our quaint, mountain community. After capturing a couple of sunsets over Manitou, I was asked if I thought I could capture a sunrise in the same manner. The short answer, which came spilling out clumsily after a light chuckle, was “No”. Though in retrospect, it may have sounded like, “Yeah, maybe”.

I routinely fall into the sleep patterns of those deemed night owls by the masses, and therefore the idea of getting up early enough in the morning to capture such an event was a possibility that felt out of reach at the time. And remained as such for months to follow. Then an odd thing happened. We shot a wedding, and as I fought the Sandman tooth and nail to keep myself awake and alert enough to finish editing a promo video of the coverage for our portfolio, I found myself up at sunrise. And immediately I thought of the conversation and idea from months before.

This was my chance. So still running on the fumes of the night before, I grabbed my camera and tripod and headed out the door at 5:59 a.m.. Just knowing the magic was waiting. I had forgotten to grab some water, my phone, watch, or any means of communicating with the rest of the world. Or knowing exactly how long I had been out there. Which was very freeing in a way…except for the lack of water part.

It was an odd sensation, that turned into an awesome and breathtaking experience. I had never before watched the sun come bustling up over the buildings and hills in our little burg, and was taken aback by the beauty unlocked at that early morning hour. I stayed out and recorded until my shot was completely ruined by a garbage truck which parked on the curb right beside me (and in my shot) to collect the trash from the bins that line the downtown streets.

It was a good hour and a half of awesome (with only one minor camera positioning adjustment…okay, so two), that we sped up and condensed to just under a minute. Check out the wonder of the town waking up to a brand new day.

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