New Project: Mural Project Promo – Mtn. Living Studios

Not too long ago, we here at ACM were planning to attend a local art mural unveiling at Mountain Living Studios in Manitou Springs that was being headed by a group called the Mural Project. They worked with at risk youth and artist Lance Green to produce an inspired mural with an inspiring story and meaning behind it. As we prepared to go we saw organizer Jennifer Ryan’s call on Facebook for someone to record the event for them. So we answered that call.

We donated our time that day to this worthy cause and creative project, and since have been working to edit together the footage we shot that day. With the video nearing completion we wanted to put together a little promo short that would stand as an example of the work we did to capture this wonderful work of art being unveiled to the public, and the shared experiences of some of those involved in making it all happen.

Today we are proud to present a look at this upcoming video. We hope that you will share this with your friends and family in the area, and continue to support this important group, the Mural Project as they continue their mission of impacting and touching lives with hope and art.

Mural Project Promo – Mountain Living Studios from Arbent Creative Media (ACM) on Vimeo.

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