Sansara Presents Into the Voting Booth Promo Videos

ACM has been lucky enough to be covering the upcoming performance by Sansara Modern Dance Company, ‘Into the Voting Booth’. While working to cover the event in somewhat documentary-esque fashion, we fell upon the principle of ‘always over-deliver’ and we compiled a couple of promotional videos to help them spread the word and sort of preview the show for their potential and committed audience.

Since we were working documentary style, we decided what better way to promote the show than with a teaser and trailer combo that could be easily consumed and shared around the interwebs. So check out our fine works below, and then if you are in the area, check out the show.

Original short promo:

Sansara presents Into the Voting Booth promo from Arbent Creative Media (ACM) on Vimeo.

Full trailer for the show:

Sansara presents Into the Voting Booth full trailer from Arbent Creative Media (ACM) on Vimeo.

Concomitant with the political season, Sansara is delighted to present a show of politically themed modern dance. “Into the Voting Booth” seeks to convey works from all sides of the political spectrum– right, left, center, neutral, apathetic. The audience is invited to follow an undecided voter on her journey within the democratic process.

For more about the show, and how you can get tickets, visit them on FB.

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