Set the Night Sky on Fire – Time-Lapse Manitou Sunset

Today we are proud to present the second of our Manitou Springs, Colorado focused time-lapse videos that we have been working on here at ACM to highlight the gorgeous landscape and backdrop that is our town. This latest video watches from downtown Manitou Avenue as small business Saturday saw a swell of visitors filling the streets and a breathtaking sunset swept in and set the night sky on fire.

This entire idea is taking shape to shine a spotlight on this wonderful mountain town nestled at the base of Pike’s Peak. Rob of ACM tucked away on the busy sidewalks to keep this project moving. A project born from Josh of @ILoveManitou (who happened to stop by the shoot) and Rob’s meeting at the October #cstweetup.

We hope that you enjoy this project as much as we do, and will return for more. Both to our site to see what’s going on, and to the town of Manitou Springs, Colorado!

Set the Night Sky on Fire Over Manitou Springs from Arbent Creative Media (ACM) on Vimeo.

  • Raygan

    Love it! I love living in this wacky town.

  • Rob Bowen

    @Raygan Thanks. Haven’t lived any other place that compares to it!

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