What We Do

Basic Videography

ACM will send a professional videographer to your event to capture it in full HD quality. Our videographer will take cues from you as to how you want the event captured. Raw footage can either be delivered to you to edit how you wish, or it can be edited together into a professional quality video (we do that too).


Certain packages and events require more than mere documenting of the occasion, they need direction as well. Our professional team will sit down and discuss the best way to capture your special day, and on site will direct the action to achieve optimal results. Suggesting angles and various means for capturing the mood perfectly to preserve your event, and more importantly, your vision of the event.

Video Editing

One of the most delicate and time-consuming parts of the whole process, ACM will edit together your digital footage into a stylized shortened video of your memories. Footage will be edited for quality and clarity, and music to match the mood you want for the video can also be added. Final product will be delivered on a DVD, and an online optimized version can also be provided for easy online and social media network sharing.

Basic Photomontage

ACM will create a photomontage from your photos & burn it to DVD. If photographs are not in digital format and have to be scanned we can do that too, for an additional fee. At the end of this process original photos & new digitally enhanced copies will be returned.

Digital Scrapbooking

ACM will take your photographs and create digitally rendered, high quality scrapbook pages for them to perfectly highlight your memories and tell stories through your captured moments. The pages will be standard 12”x12”, no bleed, premium-grade scrapbook pages arranged in a album that compliments your memories.

Photo Editing

ACM will augment your photos for tonal/color enhancement to improve the digital quality of the images. We can also provide more advanced editing work for your photos, such as restoration or removal of objects. All images will require evaluation prior to acceptance of the job, and all originals will be returned along with the new, enhanced versions. See some examples of our photo editing.

Areas of Focus

  • Wedding Videography
  • Event Videography
  • Music Videos
  • Memorable Moment Capturing
  • Promotional Videos
  • Online Marketing Videos
  • Video Editing
  • Photo Montage Creation

About Arbent Creative Media

ACM was created by Rob and Angie Bowen to be the creative media arm of Arbent. We specialize in event videography and providing creative solutions for all of your videography needs.

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